Marijuana may be legal for humans, but that doesn’t mean we should be giving it to our pets.

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Marijuana Ingestion in Dogs

With the recent legalization in marijuana, we are expecting to see a rise in accidental ingestion of it. It can be very harmful to your pup! If your dog accidentally eats cannabis, please bring them to a vet as soon as you can.

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Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pet

Halloween can be an enjoyable time of year – there are interesting costumes, spooky decorations, parties at school and work, and free candy for children! Do keep in mind that all of these things are not part of your pet’s usual routine and can be upsetting for them and sometimes harmful.

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How to Give Your Pet Eye Medication

Check out our video blog demonstrating how to give your pet eye medication.

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Senior Dog Care

How do you know when your dog is considered a senior? This is important to know as senior pets tend to have different care requirements than younger pets.

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