Top 5 Dog Parks in Toronto

Looking for a good outdoor space to bring your dog in the city?

Here are some top-rated spots:

1. High Park Dog Park – This is one of Toronto’s largest city parks, nestled in 400 acres of parklands. It has many natural and paved off-leash dog trails to explore. There is a well-maintained fenced in area, with a drinking fountain, benches, and lots of room to run. The park itself is not fully enclosed, so this area is best for dogs with good recall. There are many other trails inside the park, but it is not permitted to let your dog off leash outside the dog park areas.

High Park

2. Thomson Memorial Park – This is another great park with lots of room to roam, located in the Scarborough area. It has three large separate fenced-in areas for off-leash play. The first fenced in space is a general area for all dogs, the second area is only for small dogs, the third area is for dogs that are more reserved and less social. There is also a variety of paved and natural trails to explore, three ponds, a rain shelter, a water fountain, and picnic areas. There is free parking with two large lots, and lots of activity areas for people (soccer field, tennis court, baseball diamond, playgrounds, and a splash pad).

Thomson Memorial Park

3. Sunnybrook Park – This park is known for his scenic walking trails. These trails are not off-leash trails. It does have an off-leash section, with poop bags, a fountain, and seating for owners. There is also a separate area for small dogs. A river goes around the park, and dogs are welcome to go in and cool off on warm days.

Sunnybrook Park

4. Cherry Beach – This beachfront park is an excellent spot for your dogs to roam and splash. Located near Port Lands, this secluded stretch of sand is a great escape from the bustling city atmosphere. There is an off-leash area with water access and a wooded area.

Cherry Beach Park

5. Trinity Bellwoods Park – This is another popular dog park among Toronto dog owners. It has many rolling hills to play on and a grassy off-leash dog area with a water fountain. There is also a splash pool to play in on a warm summer day.

Trinity Bellwoods Park

When visiting any dog park, please take responsibility for your dog. Respect other people in the parks, some aren’t comfortable around dogs. Make sure that all vaccines are up to date, especially rabies, and that you have your dog on a leash unless in designated off-leash areas. It is also a good idea to have your dog on flea and tick prevention.

Written by McLean Animal Hospital