To Chew, Or Not To Chew

Buying the right toy for your dog can be very difficult, especially toys that won’t damage teeth. Throughout this entry, we discuss how to pick the perfect toy for your dog’s teeth.

First off, we need to determine how durable this toy should be regarding durability. Is your dog the type to shred a toy? Or is will they be a gentle player? Once, you’ve determined what kind of chewer your dog is we can move on to different types of toys.

How to pick the right toy:

  1. Is the toy too hard? Will it come apart quickly and is it a safe toy. To make sure that a toy is not too hard you can try a couple of things. You can try the thumbnail test; if the toy doesn’t give a little bit when you press your nail into it, it is likely to hard of a toy. Another thing you can do is tap the gadget on your knee if this hurts, it is too hard to give to your dog.
  2. If your dog is one to shred and destroy toys, you should consider getting an edible chew/treat. We carry a brand called C.E.T that come in a variety of chews and sticks.
  3. They also come in different sizes to match your pet. These all give the VOHC seal, which means they are proven to help reduce plaque and/or tarter. You can read more about the VOHC seal in Januarys blog about the seal.
  4. We also carry Hills Dental Chews that also have the VOHC seal. These kinds of chews/treats help to clean the teeth as your dog plays.
  5. Another toy that isn’t too hard on the teeth and is pretty durable is the Tuff Toys, you can find at almost any pet store. These toys are perfect for the dogs who like to destroy things. Toys like these are built to last. They are durable and still soft enough on your dog’s teeth.

There are some things that you should avoid for your dog’s teeth, such as bones (as they can shatter and hurt your dog’s teeth and possibly cause a blockage), sticks, rawhide, antlers and large ice cubes are all things your dog should not be chewing on as they can damage teeth.

If you have questions about what your dog should or should not be chewing, please ask! We are always happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

Written by Sam Miller, Animal Care Attendant