Boarding Your Pet

Vacation time is slowly creeping up on us and when pets are involved we want to make sure that they are cared for while we are away. If taking them is not an option or we need a little break, boarding your pets at a boarding facility or a vet clinic can be an option. Make sure you call and see if you can take a tour of the facility to see where the dog/cat will be staying.

  • Will they be in a communal area with other cats/dogs; which means a cage free boarding facility?
  • Will they be able to play with other dogs? If they like other dogs.
  • Will your cat have some snuggle time and somewhere to stretch their legs?

Make sure you look at multiple places before picking the right one; money wise and one that you are comfortable leaving your fur baby with. Boarding facilities will need proof of vaccines for both dogs (Bordetella, DAPP and Rabies), for cats (FVRCP and Rabies).

Make sure to ask the boarding facility associate if there are any ‘wait’ times between when the pet gets the vaccine to when they will accept the pet, some places do require some sort of minimum amount of days where they would want the animal to wait before boarding.

Ask the associate if it would be okay if you can bring a blanket and toy with them so they are more at ease and have something from home they like. If your dog doesn’t do well with other dogs always make sure that they won’t be with other dogs and how long and how many times a day will they get out of the room they are staying in to go to the bathroom and play with an associate. Some places won’t take unaltered males or aggressive dogs.

Coming from experience don’t settle on a boarding facility that you don’t personally feel comfortable leaving your fur baby in. If you don’t like something you hear or see then don’t leave your pet there. When you have decided on a place where your pet will be staying at, see if there is any paperwork that needs to be done ahead of time. Bring in vaccine records ahead of time before check in, it can become hectic and overwhelming if there’s a bunch of paperwork you need to fill out while having your pet wait either in a carrier or on a leash.

Some places require a ‘trial’ day where they stay for the day/night to see if they will be a fit. It would be a big inconvenience if for whatever reason your animal isn’t a fit. Make sure if your animal does need medication that the boarding facility does administer them or even accept them. Some places won’t allow any diabetic patients due to they don’t accept needles into the facility due to no proper disposal, for medications make sure it’s only a manager/supervisor that will be giving the medication and what times and how much to give. After everything is done and your pet is checked in, Enjoy your vacation you deserve it.

Written by McLean Animal Hospital