Tips and Reminders for Moving With a Pet

Moving is stressful to the best of us, and we know where we are going and why we are packing up all of our belongings. I’m moving this month and have seen first-hand how stressed out a dog can get!

When we bring out the boxes my dog, Abbey, starts pacing from room to room and won’t settle, and if we sit down for a break she is immediately on our laps. Not to mention the meals she started to skip. We are fortunate enough to have family that she is comfortable with being able to take her for a couple of weeks so that she doesn’t have to be present for the majority of the packing and moving. But this got me thinking about all the other things you have to do when moving with a cat or a dog.

Here are some suggestions and reminders for when you move with your pet:

  • When transporting pets always ensure they are secured in an appropriately sized carrier or have a leash on.
  • Bring the pet in when the movers have left. The fewer the people around the better.
  • Consider the DAP or Feliway diffusers or sprays for the new house.
  • Before you let your pet roam free in the new home ensure you’ve done a safety check for any potential hazards. Check for: open windows or doors, ripped screens, uncovered air vents or drains, any cleaners or other toxins that may have been left behind by the previous owner inside and outside, and if you’re letting your dog out in a yard ensure it is secured with a fence he or she can’t get under or through.
  • Dogs tend to want to explore the whole place right away, but cats will adjust better if they are left in a smaller room first with some comforts from the old house and then slowly allowed the opportunity to check out the rest of the house. Pay close attention to what your pet would prefer.
  • Don’t forget to call your vet and microchip company to let them know you have moved and if your phone numbers have changed.
  • Be sure to monitor that your pet is eating their normal amounts of food. Often when animals are stressed they will skip a meal, but if they go too long without eating they can end up with serious health problems.