Spring Promotions at McLean Animal Hospital!

The warmer weather is finally here! What does that mean for you and your pet? If your pet goes outdoors, please make sure to contact us at Mclean Animal Hospital to discuss flea prevention, heartworm prevention, tick prevention, and last but not least, intestinal parasite prevention. We see all these critters out this time of year! There are lots of options suitable specifically for your pets needs, just ask us! J

Now that the nice weather is here we have picked our date for our Open House Annual Mclean BBQ! The date is Saturday June 20th from 2pm to 4pm and ALL ARE WELCOME! This year, we will be accepting donations at our BBQ for our very own OSCAR Fund. OSCAR stands for Offering Subsidized Care for Animal Recovery. This Fund is a charitable program that provides help for sick pets in need within our community. There will be lots of educational and fun events at our Annual BBQ!

Some of the happenings at our Annual BBQ are canine massage with the owner of Canine Wellness, a rehabilitation center in Scarborough for animals. Ask the dog trainer! We will have a dog behaviourist from A Leg Up Training services here to answer all your questions. In addition, Cause 4 Paws rescue will be here and have a couple of their foster pets to show off who are in need of a new forever home. They can answer all your questions about adoption or helping their cause. Along with our delicious BBQ, we will be having a wonderful bake sale! There will be baked goodies for both you and your pets! All donations directly to our Oscar Fund for a great cause. Help us to help others!

Don’t forget that all Wellness blood work is discounted this time of year for all the doggies out there! We have to draw a sample of blood to test for heartworm disease in your dog, so we might as well use that same sample to test for other important things such as kidney values, liver values, thyroid, glucose, etc….It’s a great time to test and know how your dog is doing on the inside! This helps us as your Veterinarian to diagnose early stage disease or have a picture of how your dog is when in good health. A baseline blood test for healthy dogs is a great tool in diagnosing what may be wrong later on if they are feeling unwell. Take advantage of these savings and knowing more about your pets overall health. These special prices are only available until July 31, 2015.

Please give us a call at Mclean Animal Hospital to book your appointment or if you have any questions, our number is 416-752-5114. Happy Spring! Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our very eventful Open House BBQ!