Spring has sprung at McLean Animal Hospital!

Spring has Sprung, how exciting!  What a long winter, now to enjoy the outdoors! For our pets, enjoying the outdoors also means parasites enjoying them! This is the time of year we see fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites. So what can you do to protect your furry friend?  Please call us at McLean Animal Hospital to discuss as we will educate you on what prevention medication or deworming choices are best for your specific pet.

For even more information on parasite prevention that affects us all, we are hosting a Parasite Prevention Seminar with Dr.Sean Colyer on Tuesday May 5th at 7PM!  It’s absolutely free, all pet owners are welcome, light refreshements will be served.  Please call us at 416-752-5114 or email us at info@mcleanvet.com to reserve your spot.

What else is happening at McLean Animal Hospital during this fabulous Spring Season? Discounted blood and urine tests for all dogs!  Spring is the time of year we test for heartworm disease in your dog.  We take a small sample of blood to make sure your dog is heartworm disease negative, that they have not contracted this disease as they were exposed to mosquitoes the previous year.  It takes a few months for the disease to actually be detected in the blood, which is why we test now.  Before you start your new prevention for this season.

Another great promotion happening at McLean’s is a PRICE FREEZE on the already discounted blood and urine Wellness Tests and Heartworm Test this year!  That’s right, our Heartworm Testing and Canine Wellness Testing available only from April 15 to July 31, 2015 is the exact same cost as last year!  Please give us a call to know what blood and/or urine test we recommend specifically for your pet.  Even for the most healthy of pets, it’s so important to do Annual Wellness Bloodwork.  It’s important to have a basline of health for your pet and to trend that health year to year.  We look forward to hearing from you with any questions you have about what there is to know now that Spring is here to ensure optimal health for your pet!