It is important to keep your dog well-groomed, especially for long-haired breeds. Many natural coated dogs need professional grooming as well such as Retrievers, Samoyeds, and Husky’s, as their coat can get matted and thus, prevent the skin from breathing well. It’s uncomfortable and unhealthy for a dog to have a matted coat. Your veterinarian can assess your pet’s coat and provide you advice as to how often you should groom. It’s helpful to be shown how to brush your dog properly each day, to prevent matting and promote a very healthy coat.

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How often should I cut my dog’s nails?

On average, about every 8 weeks you should trim your dog’s nails. Some dogs naturally file their nails on the pavement during daily walks. These dogs may need nail trims less often. However other dogs grow long nails quickly, especially the dewclaw that never reaches the ground to naturally file. It’s important to keep an eye on your dog’s nails and not allow them to get too long.

What grooming services do you offer for dogs?

We offer full grooming services for dogs with 2 very experienced Dog Groomers. Our Groomers trim nails, clean out the ears, completely brush out the coat, shampoo and condition your dog, then finish with a blow dry and complete with clipping and scissoring of the coat.

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