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Dog Euthanasia

Unfortunately, there comes a time where it may be in your beloved pet's best interest to consider euthanasia. This is an important and very difficult decision to make, with many factors to consider. Please contact the clinic if you require assistance with this decision.


Senior Dog Care

Dogs age just like people do, but faster! As your pet ages, it is important for us to see your dog more often in order to detect diseases earlier, so we can help them to age gracefully and pain-free.


Overweight Dog Help

Obesity is the condition that occurs when animals carry excess unnecessary body weight in the form of fat. Fat stores are increased when energy (calories) consumed, exceeds expended energy. This can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle, hormonal changes as a result of neutering, changes in energy requirements as a pet ages, inappropriate nutrition...


Dog Spaying and Neutering

Neutering and spaying your dog is an important and responsible decision, as it prevents unplanned breedings and helps to control the pet overpopulation. There are also many health and behavioural benefits that are associated with neutering/spaying our pets such as decreased risk of certain cancers.