Wexford Public School visits McLean’s

On Friday, March 30th McLean Animal Hospital was lucky to enjoy a visit from Wexford Public School’s junior & senior kindergarten classes. The visit began with an introduction to one of our Veterinary Technicians, who used a small microphone to amplify her voice for several students who are hearing impaired or use assistive listening devices.

Our technician started the tour off in one of the clinic prep rooms where she was able to dress a student named Mona in full surgical wear. After Mona was draped in her cap, mask & gown, our technician asked the group, “Who wants to be a doctor?” To which she received an overwhelming amount of “I do! I do!’s”. Some students wishing to focus on being a “people doctor” and of course a large number hoping to become a veterinarian and to help animals when they grow up.

The tour continued into the surgical room where the students were introduced to a few real X-Rays and showed how to read them. We examined the X-Ray of Rudy; a dog who came into the office with a broken leg. We were lucky to learn what the veterinarians at McLean Animal Hospital were able to do to repair this pup & bring him back to health. Our technician also used a stuffed animal demonstration on one of our surgical beds to show Wexford students the TLC needed to care for a pet going through a tough and scary experience.

Now onto the fun stuff! It was time for the JKs & SKs to see some live animals and interact with them up close & personal! Our veterinary technician introduced everyone to Jelly Bean the kitty and soon after we were meeting a Bichon Frise dog named Lady. We got a chance to see a number of animals who are residents of the clinic, as well as meet a few who were simply staying for some of the TLC previously mentioned.

There was even a chance to be greeted by Rudy; the pup with the broken leg, and talk to his now-owner Dr. Michelle Cutler, who is a pivotal part of Rudy’s recovery and the McLean team. We learned the proper ways to approach pets as well as discussed the idea that not all pets are the same. Parents, children, and McLean staff alike seemed to be very focused on the enrichment a pet is able to bring to your daily life. The visit wound down with some silly photographs, as well as a big round of applause for Nancy.

McLean Animal Hospital wants to thank Wexford Public School for being courteous & excitable guests! We look forward to working with you, your families & your pets in the future!