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Brushing Your Pets Teeth

McLean Animal Hospital shows you how to brush your furry friend’s teeth!

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Start an Oral Hygiene Program at Home for a Healthy Mouth

Periodontal disease is the most common disease condition we see affecting all pets. By 2 years of age, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease. One of the best practices that you can do for your pet is to brush its teeth daily and this will help prevent periodontal […]

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5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health

So you’ve noticed an offensive odour from your pet’s mouth recently, maybe even a slight decline in appetite or she prefers soft food versus kibble. Unfortunately, many pet owners are unaware these signs may be indicators of dental disease and their pet is experiencing dental pain. In fact, many pets have evidence of dental disease […]

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Free Dental Seminar!

Date: Wednesday, February 4th 2015 Time: 7pm Location: McLean Animal Hospital, 1659 Victoria Park Avenue, Scarborough Host: Dr. Eva Chung There will be lots of information, dental take home kits, and of course the chance to ask any questions you may have about your pet and dental disease. Your attendance at our seminar will automatically […]

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It is Dental Promotion time at McLean Animal Hospital!

Until March 31 you can bring your pet in for a free dental check with one of our veterinary technicians! Our RVTs will go over your pets’ mouth with you and give some pointers on brushing. From there, either a dental procedure or perhaps a dental food will be recommended. Dental diets include T/D by […]

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Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

During these hot months, it is important to know that dog is at risk for things like heat stroke and paw pad burns.

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