Spring is coming!

Well, we are continuing our Dental Focus through to March 31, 2015.  This means, free dental exams for your pet with a Veterinary Technician!  You will head home with your very own free dental kit and lots of knowledge as to the state of your pets teeth. We want to teach you how to help fight dental disease!  Thank you for all those who attended our very busy and successful Dental Seminar on Feb 4 hosted by Dr Eva Chung. A great show of clients and lots of great information. We were pleased to have you all attend!  Hope you feel better equipped to help the oral health of your furry family member.

Speaking of education… we have another amazing seminar planned!  On Tuesday March 24 at 7PM, Dr. Sean Colyer is hosting a seminar on What to Feed Your Pet.  He will be discussing hot topics such as holistic, grain free, by-products, raw food, prescription diets, and so much more. We know the choices out there are abundant and we are here to help educate you.  Don’t miss out!  Please call us at 416-752-5114 or email us at info@mcleanvet.com to reserve your spot.

As spring is just around the corner, keep a look out for our Heartworm Testing and Parasite Prevention letters in the mail.  Of course we all look forward to the warmer weather and the melting snow… but with this, comes the higher risk of intestinal parasites, fleas, ticks, and heartworm!  We are here to answer all your questions.  We strongly recommend all doggies make their way in come spring to Mclean Animal Hospital for their Annual Heartworm blood test and pick up their prevention for the season.  See you all soon! 🙂