OSCAR Fund – Thrall’s Story

You know what? Thrall is a little worried you are standing there, in fact he’s afraid of you, and often misunderstood because of it. He’s been other places that wouldn’t let him in because he’s “vicious”.  You can imagine what happens when a dog this big is afraid of the vet, he can be pretty scary, but we understand Thrall and we love him because of it. Thrall’s dad is understanding of our need to be safe and because of this Thrall’s appointments go off without a hitch.


Thrall came in late September to see us for what we thought was a swollen toe, he went home that day with some pain medication and antibiotics and some instructions to let dad soak his foot twice a day in epsom salts. In early October when we saw him again as the toe wasn’t healing we knew we needed to figure out what was up. Thrall had some sedation and a biopsy done as well as x-rays it was at this point that the results came back as a squamous cell carcinoma. Thrall had toe cancer.

No one wants to have a call from the doctor with the words cancer spoken and Thralls dad was no different, we immediately suggested removing Thralls toe. Unfortunately because of the costs already incurred to reach a diagnoses, there wasn’t much left for Thralls dad to afford this much needed surgery for Thrall, although he really wanted to.

Here in the clinic we began talking about our Oscar fund and if we could use it for Thrall. While we were talking we got a call from Thrall’s dad, he was wondering about scheduling euthanasia for his beloved friend as he was in pain, and like any owner that is hard to watch especially when there is nothing you can do to make it better.  We refused to schedule that appointment for Thrall, there was no way we were going to let that happen. We were able to call Thralls dad that evening and let him know that McLean Animal Hospital would pay for half of the cost of surgery. Thrall is still healing, a toe is hard to lose but he is with us today because of the Oscar Fund.


The Oscar Fund is administered right here in the clinic and is used for pets in the community whom we think will make a full recovery because of these funds. If you are the owner of a pet with a chronic illness, we take $5 from each exam performed at the end of the month and it is added to the fund. If your pet passes away we donate to the fund. We donate $5 every time we get a review on Google. We have nail trim-a-thons with all the proceeds going to the fund, as well as photo days with proceeds going to the fund.  So it’s because of the McLean community that Thrall has made a full recovery. Your donations and your pets made this possible.

As we use these funds for pets, we will post the stories, because who doesn’t like a happy story?