Muggs the Wonder Dog!

Muggs came in to see us in the middle of July. Muggs is a 7 year old Springer Spaniel cross; he’s a very good looking young fella!

When we first met Muggs on July 11, he tipped the scales at a whopping 107.6 pounds, we did a nutritional consult and broke the news to his parents, Muggs was obese. It’s hard to hear that about your pet but we were in luck and so was Muggs, his parents love him to bits and only want the best for him, that’s the whole reason they brought him to see us!

We sent him home with Hill’s Metabolic Food we asked his mom and dad to measure his food and we sent some pain medication home too because Muggs was limping.

We did some x-rays for Muggs and checked him over again on August 12th he and his family have worked so hard he was 98.3lbs. The x-rays showed that Muggs has injured the cruciate ligament in his knee, its painful and makes getting exercise difficult for a few reasons. It hurts and we tell you not to exercise your pet other than leash walks. Muggs will undergo surgery at the end of September to repair his torn ligament; he will be out of commission for a while but will eventually be able to get the exercise he needs pain free. We will be with him every step of the way making sure he is losing weight and recovering from his surgery.

We love you Muggs!