Maija’s Second Chance Story

We are so proud to bring you this touching story from our client, Nancy Howard. Thank you Nancy for sharing your story with us!

After losing our elderly cat earlier this year my husband and I decided it was time to adopt a new kitty. I saw “Muffin” on the North Toronto Cat Rescue site and contacted Donna to set up an appointment to meet her. There were four names of different cats I saw on the site that I wrote down on a piece of paper. I brought this with me but Muffin was number one. The rescue is cage free so all the cats are free to roam and sleep wherever they want. What a nice way to meet them and interact. The first room we went into I looked down and there she was. I said right out loud, “Thats Muffin !” It was amazing out of over 200 cats one of the first I saw was her! We spent over an hour there meeting all the kitties but I kept going back to her. She was just so quiet and peaceful amidst it all. Donna told us that she had been living at the rescue for almost 5 years! Too long for such a nice girl to not have her forever home. I showed Donna the paper that I had written Muffins name on and we all felt it was meant to be. Muffin’s name has now been changed to Maija but we like to call her Maija Muffin.