Happy New Year from McLean Animal Hospital!

Happy New Year McLean family! We are so excited about all the awesome things going on in our Scarborough animal hospital over the next few months.

The first thing we need to tell you about is our $10 nail trims for the month of January. Come in and have your dog or cats nails trimmed for $10 ALL of the proceeds from this will go to our Oscar Fund. Our Oscar Fund is administered here in the clinic to help pets in our community access medical care.

February 4th at 7pm we will have a seminar on dental health and your pet. This will be hosted by Dr. Eva Chung and our technicians. There will be lots of information, goodie bags and of course the chance to ask any questions you may have about your pet and dental disease. Your attendance at our seminar will automatically enter you in for a chance to win a $100 credit on your Mclean account.

For the months of February and March this year, our Dental Awareness will be will be our clinic focus for client education. This includes a no charge dental exam in clinic with one of our technicians. Ever wonder about your pets teeth and if they are okay? Is there something we can recommend to help you better your pets oral health? Absolutely! When you call Mclean Animal Hospital and book your free dental exam, you will also be entered into a draw for a chance to win a $100 credit on your account! You will be shown how to care for your pets oral health at home and receive a take home dental care kit. If your pet is in need of a dental procedure, and you book this procedure during our Dental Focus Months of Feb and March you will be entered into an additional draw to win a $250 on your Mclean Account! Call us now to sign up for our Dental Seminar with Dr.Chung on Wed Feb 4 at 7pm!