Aprille Fattore

Professional Dog Groomer

I graduated in 2012 from Animal Behaviour College. It always interested me to learn more about the veterinary industry and I thought it would be beneficial to a grooming business to work aside one. I joined the clinic back in 2011 when I started working with my grooming instructor Mimi King, she inspired me and trained me to eventually take over her position as the full-time groomer. I have experience as an ACA and this position interests me the most because I can really use the skills I have learned as a professional dog groomer. Restraint and handling have been extremely helpful in the grooming business; I have also learned how to recognize minor medical concerns.

I love providing my dogs and my clients with the best care. I really am passionate about my client-dog-groomer communication. I love that we are a humble clinic with staff that all communicate and all have the same interests in what we provide and expect from our clients. I like to have conversations with the dogs I am working on, I find it really helps to communicate with the dogs because it builds connections and trust. Not just energy communication, words as well! My first pet was a Golden Retriever and his name was BJ short for Buster Junior.