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Senior Pet Care

Just like us, as our animals get older they need more frequent visits to the veterinarian to allow for early detection and treatment of problems that can commonly occur in older animals.

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Subcutaneous Fluids and Tilly

Dehydration is often seen in the veterinary industry. We see it with older pets with chronic diseases and younger pets who have acute illnesses. We sometimes recommend Subcutaneous (Sub Q) fluids to help rehydrate the patient and generally make them feel better.

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Buffy the Senior Dog

I’m writing this blog to help owners understand why we, at Mclean Animal Hospital, recommend surgery if required at any age of pet!  Truth is, your pet is never too old for surgery.  Of course, your senior pet may have health concerns where anesthetic would not be recommended.  This can happen with young pets too, […]

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Aches and Pains of our Senior Pets

Typically, an older pet is a cherished pet.  They’ve been with us for years, we know them well and they know us, and their place in our families and homes is indisputable.  We want to give them the best, we feel they deserve it after years of loyalty and companionship, however often times we remain […]

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How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Wildlife

Wildlife and pets don’t always mix, and it can be difficult to foresee any issues with wildlife because typically pets aren’t in contact with wild animals.

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