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Brushing Your Pets Teeth

McLean Animal Hospital shows you how to brush your furry friend’s teeth!

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2015 New Year Resolutions for You & Your Dog!

Happy New Year to all the Mclean Community!  Hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday Season with your family and friends, both human and furry in nature.  So it’s now the New Year which we all know means New Year Resolutions!  Here are a few I recommend for all you lovely dog owners out […]

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Happy New Year from McLean Animal Hospital!

Happy New Year McLean family! We are so excited about all the awesome things going on in our Scarborough animal hospital over the next few months. The first thing we need to tell you about is our $10 nail trims for the month of January. Come in and have your dog or cats nails trimmed […]

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Anesthesia to Perform Pet Dental Cleanings?

Written by Dr. Merryn McIninch Veterinary dentistry is a medical procedure which cannot be done properly or safely without general anesthesia.  To understand why, start by thinking about your own oral care routine.  Most people brush and floss their teeth daily, yet still go to their dentist regularly to have tartar removed by a specially-trained […]

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Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

During these hot months, it is important to know that dog is at risk for things like heat stroke and paw pad burns.

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