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How Much Will a Puppy Cost in the First Year?

This is a question we get asked all the time. It’s important to budget for the first year of your new puppy’s life; if you don’t plan, the costs can add up and be surprising. To help you organize expenses, we’ve created three checklists to follow when gathering information about prices for your new pet.

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All About Lyme Disease

How does my dog acquire Lyme disease?

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Safely Removing Ticks from Your Pet

Spring is HERE! With sunshine, flowers and warm weather comes a lurking danger in the grass and in the woods. Ticks are everywhere now and your pet is an easy target for these little critters.

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What Can You Do to Keep Ticks off Your Pets?

The best way you can protect your pet from being bitten by a tick (and potentially contracting Lyme disease), is to put your pet on preventative medication.

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How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Wildlife

Wildlife and pets don’t always mix, and it can be difficult to foresee any issues with wildlife because typically pets aren’t in contact with wild animals.

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