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It is Dental Promotion time at McLean Animal Hospital!

Until March 31 you can bring your pet in for a free dental check with one of our veterinary technicians! Our RVTs will go over your pets’ mouth with you and give some pointers on brushing. From there, either a dental procedure or perhaps a dental food will be recommended. Dental diets include T/D by […]

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Anesthesia to Perform Pet Dental Cleanings?

Written by Dr. Merryn McIninch Veterinary dentistry is a medical procedure which cannot be done properly or safely without general anesthesia.  To understand why, start by thinking about your own oral care routine.  Most people brush and floss their teeth daily, yet still go to their dentist regularly to have tartar removed by a specially-trained […]

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Dental Promotions

It’s Dental Promotion time at McLean Animal Hospital!  We focus on dental health all year long, but these next few months (February, March) we have some special things going on in the clinic that we would love to invite you to participate in.

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Winter Hazards & Your Pets

The winter season is a wonderful time of year for everyone, but can also be a stressful time as well. With lots of time spent outside in the snow, and preparing for those pesky winter storms!

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