Cat X-Rays and Ultrasound

X-rays and ultrasounds are commonly performed to allow us to observe what is happening inside your cat’s body. They help us to diagnose disease and health conditions in your pet.

What is the technology?

X-rays are emitted from a machine and are absorbed differently by certain parts of the body (fat, bone, soft tissue) and this makes up the image that we see on the film. Ultrasound uses a probe to emit sound waves, which hit the specific tissue and bounce back. X-rays also are used to generate an image of the organ in question.

Does the clinic also do feline dental X-ray?

Yes, we do feline dental X-rays under anesthesia to determine which teeth are healthy or diseased. This allows us to determine which teeth need to be extracted and which are healthy and able to stay in the mouth.

How much does cat X-rays cost?

Please contact us for a quote specific to your pet’s needs.


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