Cat Grooming

Cats are excessive self groomers and often keep their coat in very good shape. However different breeds of cats may require assistance in maintaining a healthy coat. It’s important to start early and positively condition your cat to a daily brushing of their coat. Sometimes older cats with less flexibility or overweight cats can not reach themselves to clean after eliminating. It’s important to have wipes handy to help and to keep the hair short in this area to prevent infections.

What grooming services does the clinic provide for cats?

In extreme cases of matting or very long hair, we provide what we call a “lion cut”. A complete shave of your cat from neck to tail. More commonly we shave out matt’s in specific areas to relieve any discomfort associated with. We offer nail trims as often as needed.

What is clinic booking and cancellation policy?

Please call us so we can assess the grooming needs of your cat and to appropriately book an appointment.

Do you offer spa packages?

We do not offer spa packages for cats, like you would think for dogs. We do not bathe cats here. We can however, clean out their ears, trim their nails and shave them to be very comfortable.

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